9 Çinko Boyama Tablo

9 Zinc Plate Painting

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It describes conflict and isolatation with the desire for observation and invention through qualitative/quantitative - concrete/abstract limits. It aims to strengthen the meaning with contradiction on used zinc plaques<br><br>ZINC PLATE VARIOUS PAINTING MATERIALS

Category : Painting

Style : Contemporary

Color : Multi Color

Material : Metal

Estimated Production Time : 3 Business Day

Height : 70.00 cm

Width : 65.00 cm

Production : 3 Business Day

Above The Zinc

Biray Demiray, born in 1990, completed his undergraduate degree in Faculty of Architecture then continued his Postgraduate in Marketing / Brand communications. He has attended number of exhibitions and continues his art works, collection designs and architectural projects in istanbul with the series of ''above the zinc''
Kargo Plane
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