Sinek Poker Things Dekoratif Obje
Sinek Poker Things Dekoratif Obje
Sinek Poker Things Dekoratif Obje
Sinek Poker Things Dekoratif Obje

Clubs Poker Things Decorative Object

126,90 USD

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The paperweights are available in various colors and their forms are based on the popular icons of paper games: diamond, hearts, clubs and spade. Hearts representing the nobles and church, spade representing the army, diamond representing the middle class and clubs representing the peasantry in XIV century are brought to the present and combined with shiny lacquer base creating its place in living spaces.

Category : Decorative Objects

Style : Contemporary

Color : Gold, Black

Material : Lacquer

Estimated Production Time : 30 Business Day

Height : 14.00 cm

Width : 10.00 cm

Depth : 10.00 cm

Production : 30 Business Day

Bou Art & Design

Concept of beauty is originated in ancient Greece with Plato. According to him beauty is independent from certain forms and time, itÔÇÖs reflected in different forms and concepts. This has been the reference point for BOU, seeking refined forms and concepts inspired by universal beauty. BOU is established by architect Sebnem Buhara and Banu Coruh; targets to be a unique brand which presents contemprorary pieces and limited designs that add value to daily life. It has specific focus on details in all objects and art pieces in order to stimulate senses and inspire through design. Natural material such as marble, glass, wood, ceramic, leather and others convert into art pieces, lightning designs and furniture in BOU.
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