Seramik Gold Kapakl─▒ K├╝├ž├╝k K├╝p

Ceramic Gold Lidded Small Jar

100,68 USD 125,85 USD

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Designed by Gandecor.

Category : Vases

Color : Gold, Cream

Material : Ceramic

Estimated Production Time : 5 Business Day

Height : 40.00 cm

Width : 21.00 cm

Depth : 21.00 cm

Gan Decor

We started our sales life as "Gan Decor" in 2014 as a brand new brand to be a pioneer in the sector with a quality and a wide range of products bringing a new breath and excitement to concept store. While starting this exciting run, we are confidently leading the way with the strength and experience of our founders' 35 years of production and sales history. The only thing that guided us was our passion while we created more than 2500 imported products. The needs of our customers, the architectural team that took our visual and creative team together, and the love of offering different products was the light on this path for us. With this enthusiasm and passion, Gan Decor will continue to make rapid progress in the industry in order to offer you better products with its continuously renewed product groups.
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