Hermes B├╝y├╝k Dekoratif Obje

Hermes Large Decorative Object

54,15 USD

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Melih Kohen Design Studio, whose original designs come to life with fine craftsmanship, aims to bring a different breath to the spaces with products produced with limited number of signatures.

Category : Decorative Objects

Style : Eclectic

Color : White, Gold

Material : Marble, Brass, Glass

Estimated Production Time : 5 Business Day

Height : 23.00 cm

Depth : 15.00 cm

Production : 15 Business Day

Melih Kohen Interior

Since 2012, Melih Kohen Interior has been concept consulting primarily for housing projects, to meet the various needs and purposes of the spaces, alongside all-inclusive interior architecture projects. By underlining the necessity of commencing a new journey with the customers in order to capture the soul of every venue in a unique sense, Melih Kohen aims to create warm and peaceful spaces by combining the customersÔÇÖ lifestyle and needs with his personal experience. Created with the vision of personalizing production for all venues designed, Melih Kohen Design Studio accommodates furniture, pillows, lighting fixtures and accessories as well as tableaus that appeal to every taste. Designs that come to life with the harmony of various textures such as marble, glass, brass and wood offers original solutions to those who desire to add a unique personality to their venues by setting the norms and standards aside.
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