Which one do you like more, give a gift or get a gift? Many of you will have the answer to this question "of course getting". Aside from the financial part of the process buying a gift is a hard work. Especially if the person that you will buy the gift is a person you know well and love. A close friend, a special someone or a family member... Brood on for days, search on the internet gift websites and malls, we do not deem anything worthy of to the person we love. Taking a gift is not so simple because; it has a spiritual value. It reveals our opinion about the person that we will buy the gift. It contains sensitive messages about all of what we think about him/her, how much we know and value him/her. Gifts such as books, perfumes, shirts, wallets save lives. But if you want something more original that no one can say no, you need to stay away from classic souvenirs and you have to be more creative. You should focus on the life, the living space, the likes of the person you are giving gift to. You can get something that he/she can use in his/her office, car or at home. A gift, especially for the house, will be both quite permanent and within his/her lifetime.

Whether the one is a woman or a man, or a close friend, or a special someone; if you are looking for a gift suggestion for anyone, but no one can say no, this article that you'll find tips on 2018 furniture and decoration trends will be beneficial for you. Here are 10 decorative gifts that will blow your loved ones’ mind out of joy.

In the name of velvet!

We all know that 2018 is the year of the velvet. Everything that is covered with this soft-textured, elegant looking fabric is very fashionable. Velvet fabrics, decorative pillows, seat shawls or even floor lamps. Especially the quilted and crushed velvet covered seats and sofas are very trendy. The magnificent image of the velvet is combined with the fashion colors of the year, emerald green, burgundy and anthracite. How about giving him/her a comfortable sofa that he/she can sit on in the evening and sip his/her cup of coffee!

T&S Interiors | Special Design Sofa 

Brass era

We left the Bronze and Copper Periods on dusty pages of history; for today, we can say we are in the age of brass. This bright and eye-catching material is in such a place in the decor itself that the influence will continue in the future years. Minimal areas with lean lines, trendy in the last few years, are gaining momentum with the touch of a brass gold. Wall clock, side table, vase, candlestick; get what you get. As long as you get brass...

Noce Home | Gold Brass Lantern

Aesthetics from light

No matter how beautifully decorated the living spaces are, if they are not correctly illuminated, the result can turn into a frustration. This year's illumination trend is handmade or handmade looking pastel shades of lamps. The figure lighting like an art work is another trend.

Oney | Cobalt Blue Lampshade

Beware of the leather change!

This year we will see leather, which is a very stylish material, from couch to vase, from chair to middle table, almost everywhere. In different textures, pattern printed or large stitched; leather will be at every corner of the house. You only determine what you will get; you will probably find the leather.

Uniqka | Zero Lamp Two Big Pendant 

The elegance of glass

With its elegant, delicate structure, dateless glass; is in our lives with stalls, vases, bibles, tables and even built-in white goods. One of the trends of 2018, glass; integrates with metal, marble and wood to decorate our lives with different forms.


Accract | Giraffe Figure Decorative Medium Bowl

The magic of naturality

The influence of Wabi-Sabi's simplicity and naturalness all over the world continues to influence this year too. Unpainted furnishings, natural forms, almost untreated materials are very, very fashionable. This understanding of imperfection adds warmth and originality to the living spaces.

Snoc Home & Garden | Beverly Console 

Return to the nature

If we can not move our house to the nature, we say that we carry nature to our house and we love this trend very much. Splendid and large leafy flower pots, dried or fresh flowers, terrariums ... Choose whatever you want; nature gives peace and refreshment in every way.

Rityz Fine Living | Tile Patterned Porcelain Flowerpot 

Fun walls

The walls can be the most boring areas if they are not properly decorated, and the largest areas of the houses. And these areas are now a serious part of decorating. It is very fashionable to use wall paper in the form of wall panels in the walls we decorate with the tables we love. 3D-inspired or typo tables and illustrations are also favorites of 2018.

Uttermost | Money Tree 2 Table 

Industrial and modern

The one who will get a gift is a man the he will love an industrial-style accessory. Such an accessory made of natural materials especially for a house in a loft-style, masculine lines is quite ideal. This style of wood and metal is simply integrated, giving a modern feel to every space used.

Hamm | Emir Rack Unit 

Like a flower garden...

The tropical patterns of last year left their place in the flowers. From the toss pillows to the sofas, from the curtains to the plates everywhere this year turns into a flower garden. Large flower-patterned accessories are indispensable for those who want to carry those wonderful forms and colors of nature into their lives. With a beautiful and comfortable flower-shaped rocking chair, you can carry flowers in your loved one, and you can also make reading hours with a stylish floor lamp that has floral design.

Muhtelif Design | Floral Patterned Blue Vase 

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