The atmosphere of our living and working spaces is very important for us all, but the places that make us feel wonderful where we have become a regular service for our decorations as well as meals and services are less important than these? This question, which is came by an operator’s own customer experience, probably ending with ‘perhaps even more important’.


Mimat Architecture | Tribeca Cafe Aqua Florya

In recent years, industrial and eclectic styles have become more widely used in restaurants and café decorations to ensure that everyone who participates in the main purpose can find something from themselves and feel comfortable. The eclectic style is tailored for this, but of course not the only solution. Of course, a three-generation coffee maker will be built on different bases of the air, color, style than a seafood pothouse. A cafe that stands out with its healthy food adopts green tones, while a café based on fastfood highlights red tones. Stylish places will offer open tables for conversations get their share on every color, material and style.


I AM | Mey -Safi Meyhane Restaurant

Working with interior architects for cafe decorations is a good way to progress within a concept. A business is not a place that we can say ‘not necessarily’ like our house, a business’ financial lasting is depends on its well design that make customers regular as well as its services. A restaurant needs long tables for business dinners as well as tables planned for family dinners; also it should be able to offer cozy and peaceful environment for a romantic dinner as well as providing environment for a conversation with lots of laughter woman to woman, in the same place.

I AM | Jan Caspian Cuisine

I AM | Lumee Restaurant

Lighting is one of the most important elements of café and restaurant decorations. Good lighting stands out as a factor that greatly influences the happiness of the customer, as nobody wants to eat in a laboratory light. You can choose unlimited options such as extraordinary modern chandeliers, classical lampshades, industrial lamps, etc., to suit the concept you are dreaming of.

Laxmi Interiors | Choccolart Chocolate Store

In recent years, the patterned tile has been used in such an impressive and popular way that it can be a stylish option to use tile or marble floors. The furnishings can be combined with vintage or classic furnishings in different styles as per separate. In chairs, an intimate environment can be created with special designs, long leather seats, velvet fabrics and colorful pillows.

Laxmi Interiors | La Boucherie Restaurant

Deciding on the concept and decoration before opening a café or restaurant is an important step. For this, it would be good to examine many examples of café decoration, to research the companies that decorate restaurants and interior designers, and to see their projects.

I AM | Ferahfeza Restaurant

It is not uncommon to get professional support for decorations, remembering that open kitchens and long bars, small cafés are taking up more and more in our lives and we have to look the best to be the best.

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