Who does not love flowers? Whether in our garden or on our balcony, whether in our clothes and in our living spaces with floral designs; flowers give happiness, freshness and enthusiasm to our lives. Especially for those who want to bring a new breath to their house with the arrival of spring and summer months, the floral designs are the right choice. Of course, there are points to pay attention when using floral designs in house decoration. It is important to combine the right pattern in the right way to avoid an overdone, eye-straining decoration.

Distribute roles

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Before you start, you need to decide which goods and design elements you want to use for your floral designs. Will you use floral designs in areas such as wallpaper or seating groups that will make a big impact, or accessories like curtains, bedspreads and lace pillows? So your flower pattern will be dominant as a leading decoration element in your house or will be in side roles? After deciding on it, the job is finding balance.

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Little touches

Accessories are the easiest way to bring spring to your house. You have numerous options you can use from curtains to bedspreads, blankets to lace pillows, carpets and rugs to paintings, you have infinite number of choices that you can use floral designs. You can turn a sofa that you are bored of its color with floral pattern lace pillows, you can change the air of your kitchen with floral pattern curtains and tablecloths. If your preferences is about accessories, you can achieve balance by using the color tones found in the floral pattern you are using in other areas of your house, such as a sofa suite or a wall. Pastel and neutral tones in particular create a perfect background for floral designs.

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Leading role is flowers’...

If you are going to use flower patterns more dominantly, start by deciding on which color will take the lead. Let’s say you have chosen a pattern in which the blue is intense. First you have to decide where to use this design. If you do not know where to start, go to a fabric shop first. Take a few pieces of flower-patterned fabrics from here that you like and try at house; do these designs will be better on walls or seats or curtains? After deciding this, the rest is easy... In other areas of your room, you can use this blue tone or a tone close to it as a dominant way to highlight the design that you choose.

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Find the right style

In 2018, we will see the transformation of classic floral designs, especially in the English style. But we do not have to be limited to classical patterns. Floral patterns do not have to be classical representations of real flowers. You can also use tropical patterns as well as patterns where motifs such as leaves and branches are intense. When we look at modern designs, we see that the details are less and the big and brave patterns come to the fore. Modern lines, abstract approaches and bold colors bring out patterns that appeal to different tastes.

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Make the combination

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The secret of this is to make a balance between feminine and masculine, while using floral patterns. If you want to keep your decoration modern, it might be a good idea to interpret the floral designs in a contemporary way. For example, you can combine flower patterns with geometric patterns. Or in a black-and-white decoration, you can get a modern look using floral designs in a few remarkable accessories. The tendency to use different patterns together, which is trendy in the last period, will be very useful at this point. You can combine tropical or jungle-like patterns that resemble wild forests with classic flower patterns, using different patterns together.

Harmony of flower with wood

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One of the most suited materials of floral designs is of course wood... Especially with antique or wear furnishings, the use of floral designs with wood will add a natural and warm air to your living space. In this combination, which is the focal point of Southern France’s famous Provence style, you can use white or pastel colors dominantly and complement your decoration with floral accessories in bold colors. At this point, it is necessary to use a combination of old and new to avoid an old-fashioned look. You can create a different atmosphere in your bedroom by using wear wardrobe together with a modern and abstract floral-patterned curtains. Finally, do not forget to use real flowers to fully feel the refreshing effect of flowers in your house.

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