It has an incredible taste that to have a real art work, a thing that creates a thrill. It feels like that there is someone that gives a new form to the things that we cannot find the words words for them, our secret passions and reads our souls and shapes them. That is the reason of the invisible link between artist and art-lover or collector. It is important to achieve the 'that' thing that complements our living space, our associates, ours and even our hearts, and it is even more important to display it in the right place, because the right position makes it easier for the work to express itself and of course for us.

BMC Baby House / BOU Interior & Architecture

Piedo Marbelite Sculpture

As a means of expression, integrative and healing art works can change the whole cause of an ordinary room, give it a new meaning. For this reason, the positioning of a signed work can be transformed into positioning it according to the style of the decoration, rather than finding a place to look nice in the decoration. In the right light, at the point where it can tell itself, at the appropriate height and background, a table can dominate the whole room. The appropriate place for the painting of Mühbin Orhon, which has the colors that have the air of abstract, not a maximalist room that it will disappear, a space in modern decoration. And for classic period landscapes and bust sculptures in the leafed frames, a house that reflects the classical period will fit them.

Bou Interior & Architecture | BMC Bebek House

Although most of us think that high art is created for adults and place original works in our own spaces, children’s rooms are not independent places from art. An original art work, which is suitable for child’s spiritual world and hanging in the opposite wall where he/she wakes up very morning, will create a bond with child and leave an impact that will adapt his/her eyes. If I were to give a personal example, I would have taken two small-sized original Sunita Khedekar artifacts in my son’s room and hang them on the opposite wall of his bed, he was talking to them in most mornings and evenings, and he was telling me what is hidden behind those trees and who is living in those houses, in his imagination. In the future, I am excited to even hope that he will entrust these two paintings as the first art works to give to his grandchildren. Having artworks at house is exactly doing this, we are making dreams and memories.

Canto 21 | Hobynis Sculpture

In this period when conceptual contemporary art dominates all over the world, we see that modern period movements are reinterpreted and art production materials have changed. For a while, the digital photography art that has been rising is turning analog again and we are once again watching that the moments of heart and soul are appreciated rather than technique. If we think that taking photographs is one of the most important elements in our phones, getting a good photograph that can be considered as a art work in the original edition becomes important because it is important to find a good one with an inflationary field and it will be at the beginning of signs that it is really good . Esra Gündoğan’s Mamut Art Project, which is met with the audience in 2018 Aile Tablosu series is one of the best examples of this in the recent period, as the photographers have a very valuable thing for their houses, offices and of course themselves.

Oney | Yoga Sculpture

If you have a art work, you have to think about the expression of your soul and the power of expression, that it is a whole with your living space and with you; you need to know that you getting it not just to have it, but to get it to understand it and give a meaning. Let Cosalindo bring you together with original art work.

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