A long, skillful and elegant trip

Bleu Blanc. This French word that means blue-white in Turkish and read as ‘Blö Blan’ is the last name of given to the thousand years old adventure of porcelain and cobalt.

The extraordinary story of Blue Blanc porcelains which have a place in decoration world for hundreds of years and even though there is less interest in sometimes it protects its presence and value can offer a reason to you to give place them in your home because blue-white Chinese porcelains was the symbol of rebellion in Yuan Empire that was established by Kublai who is the grandson of Genghis Khan who captured China in 1279. Blue means a protection to evil eye, malicious affects and superstitious powers in all Eastern society. The situation was same in China and Chinese artist who were unable to bring to living under these Mongolian family’s thumb to themselves and wanted to protect themselves were using the Cobalt which had been come from Iran to design porcelain. Then China made deep its cobalt mineral and produced its own blue. On the other hand Iran discovered to secret of porcelain even though China kept it and Blue- White porcelains were included to Iran, Ottoman and China collections. It was expanded to all Europe came a long way till Netherlands and continued to diversify with changed patterns but same colors and moreover the Monumental Blue Blanc porcelains which were produced for Europe became most favorite decoration parts of baroque era.

The values are worth of tens of millions of the giant Bleu Blanc vases from the original dynasty era is enough to tell how valuable they are, in other respect, if you do not support spend your tens of -millions- of dollars to this kind of investment -which I do not support- you can catch a sophisticated style with preferring a blue blanc lamp shade. Buying Blue Blanc wall paintings and blue blanc flowerpots, choosing small accessories from blue blanc porcelains objects and placing these to Country, Classical or tropic decoration style in the proper places in the houses may be very appropriate.

On the other side, the word of Blue Blanc is not only used for description of porcelains. Blue and white colors spread to textile and wallpapers with the patterns that reflected China and Europe porcelain art in a thousand years. Decorating a wooden blue chair that is in front of the walls which were covered with marvelous blue blanc wallpapers and was painted with white dye and designed with elegant line with a blue geometrical patterned pillow and adding a vase that is included colorful flowers next to it, creates a wonderful waiting or reading corner.

 Utmost elegant, graceful and valuable. It will be impossible completing without silverware.

Netherlands is the first European country that trade with the Far East and this allowed that it got ahead in porcelain art. Even today, the most special parts of the whole world in accessories belong to Netherlander designers and ceramic artists.

Exhibiting the one of the collection of Blue Blanc wall plates or finding unique patterned blue blanc ceramic tiles and borders for your bathroom are possible.

All these Silk and Spice Roads and İznik tile art via Netherlands relations are inspired lots of things from Blue Blanc patterns and left spectacular works. You can inspired by the Far East, Europe or Iran and the Ottomans, it totally depends on the soul you feel belong, but unique patterns of Blue Blanc that distilled from its hundreds of years trip must be take place in your home as a protective eye.

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