We all know that using light colors in the walls and using neutral and pastel tones in decoration are more commonplace to show our living spaces more spacious and fresh. Dark colors; declared its dominance from the walls to the furnishings, from the curtains to the household utensils. The dark tones that have increased the effect of decoration since the last year; became favorite of those who are bored from classical colors, those who love melancholy and mysticism and those who want to add a little more depth to their lives with the strong stance of darkness. At first we did not have the courage to use it in somewhere else that is why we only used it in pieces like sofas and seats or only one wall of our walls, but with time, we adopted these colors too much and started using them even in kitchen. The fashion and decoration trends’ share about the widespread of this bold trend are very important. Global researches shows that 31% of house renovates are inspired by fashion and style trends. Anthracite, wine red, chocolate color, dark blue and finally black (especially black flame) took their places in our lives, first with small touches and then dominantly. For those who want to break down our prejudices about using dark shades in decorations, these colors have become the main tones of habitats. We have seen that there is no limit in design, especially in the 21st century.

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Bretz |Black Leather Chesterfield

If you like these tones, which add weight, nobility and a mysterious charm to big or small, every area and every object applied, we invite you to break your chains and take the first step. If your rooms are getting daylight and you have done the right lighting, the dark colored house decoration can be a part of your preferences. The most important thing to note in this trend is not to fall into gloom while trying to create a magnificent atmosphere. When you apply these strong but difficult colors to the right areas and integrate them with the right accessories, a noble image will emerge.

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You can catch a glamorous and magnificent image in your salon without taking a great deal of risk with black, anthracite, burgundy, dark red, dark green and navy blue painted walls and beige, shiny white furniture. If your room is small, you can include these tones to your life with furniture and accessories instead of applying them to the walls. Not only with furniture and accessories, but if your walls are light-colored, the doors, sills and baseboards can also be painted to black to create an extraordinary and striking effect. You can even entrust the magnificent air of black in window battens and doorsteps. Another way to meet black is to paint black bookcases’ and shelves’ inner parts. Thus, the accessories you show will be more visible. In this way, the use of dark color in detail will create a contour, which will ensure that the color dominates the room. If you use light color on your zoom, the contour colors must be transverse and dark; we recommend applying transverse and light tones again in contour colors.

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If you want to create a deeper and more mystical atmosphere, if you can say that you can take crazy decisions, then painting the ceiling black as making dark color wall decoration is just for you. Black, which will add a deep and mystical atmosphere to the applied room, will create very chic and extraordinary influence on the ceiling with a crystal or brass chandelier.

For those who are just new to trending and who want to use black in one room only dark color bedroom decoration quite convenient. As you know, dark is for the best for healthy sleeping. You can use black tones the way you like in your bedroom, so you can create an atmosphere that is both chic and easy to fall asleep.

Canto 21 | Waterfront Mansion

Laxmi Interiors | Ortakoy House

If you have a spacious and bright room, do not hesitate to use dark tones on the walls. You will love the romantic luminosity of daylight on these colors. If you want to add mobility to your salon, you can catch a visual movement using metal (especially brass) and glass in accessories.

T&S Interiors | Brass Casting French Candelabra

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How to enhance a dark hall decoration the answer of the question gives the colors again; transverse colors. A lemon yellow pillow or shawl on an anthracite sofa; the black dining table with striped or geometric-patterned fabric chairs will provide you with a sophisticated space. Again, in a black-weighted decoration, the oranges that intersperse among it (with the pieces pillows, lampshades, carpets etc.) will add bot mobility to the space and provide black will be noticed lightly. By complementing the decoration you have made with black, anthracite, gray and white monochromatic quartets with a red-weighted table, you can create both living and very modern line. But be careful about harmony and matching of the colors that are opposite to each other. Let’s give you a little secret at this point. In fact, there are many formulas that designers use to identify the background, furniture and accessories. And the most common of these is the color formula known as 60-30-10. Do not look it as a formula; the implementation is quite easy. To apply to the space you will design, you choose three colors, one close to the other and the other transverse. You use the light one of these colors in walls, the dark in the furniture, and the transverse color in the accessories to create an impact. And so, practically, you create a balanced and chic space without risk.

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When using the colors such as black, anthracite, burgundy, dark red, dark green and navy blue in decorations, it is necessary to pay attention not only to fit each other, but also to complement each other. For example, velvet and leather are particularly well suited to dark decorations. Give as little space as possible in the wood-weighted decoration; and in metal ambiance, you can use the dark colors in the size you want. You can use glass in accessories to take advantage of strong lighting, so that the dark tones do not create a depressing ambience. Again, you can add a dazzling charm to these strong, but plain looks of these tones with stylish accessories. Neither in our wardrobes nor in the decorations the dark colors, especially black fashion, never pass. By using this timeless color in your living spaces, you can also decorate an old-fashioned decoration that has never will be old-fashioned.

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