There are times in life that we feel really breathing; the times we really feel we live. The times that we feel our soul and our cleverness is purified and feel the tranquility as something concrete. Sometimes we feel it on seaside, sometimes on a corner of a large park where the trees are shaded, sometimes on a corner of our house we prepare for ourselves. And if summer started and the weather is lovely as the described by Orhan Veli in his verse that “This lovely weather has brought on my ruin” the nature also participate this purification ritual. We want to escape to nature and reach sea, water and soil. It is not a coincidence that the human being feels good and safe when he/she sees greenery, and excited when he/she sees blueness; There are subliminal roots dating back to the First Ages. If we can not escape to the nature these days we feel enthusiasm of spring and get ready to meet the summer, we bring nature to us and can turn our balconies and terraces into small spots that we leave our behind the tumult of the city. We need a little bit of exertion, plenty of inspiration and imagination to make balcony and terrace decorations. So let's start!


36.// - Bodrum Gündoğan Villa

Spring cleaning starts!

The first thing we need to do to turn our balconies and terraces into a living space to spend time with is to make a strict cleaning and reparation and prepare these areas for the new season. First of all, we have to give up using our balconies and terraces like warehouses. Get power and inspiration from the principle of minimalism simplification, and get everything you do not use from your life. If there are stuff that you are able to convert or simply use them as a decoration item, put aside them. For example, if you have furniture that you can use as a table or a shelf, you can bring back to life them with a few touches.


Dila Gökalp Architects – Bebek House

Location and size are important

Before you start decorating, you need to determine the location of your terrace and your balcony, which across that it looks, where and how much sun and wind it gets. If these areas are very windy, you can create a comfortable and aesthetic living space with a folding screen or shady spot or a decorative sunshade if it gets too much sun. If you want a more feminine effect, you can also benefit from the tulle curtains. If you have a large balcony or terrace, you can use garden furniture. Big pouffs, illuminations with natural forms, large central tables, large lanterns show themselves well in large areas. If your space is available, you can also include a stylish fireplace for your cool spring evenings.

Gönye Project Design - Pruva34 Project

Gliese Design | Grid Yellow Seat 

Feel the power of the colors

We completed the first step; now it is turn to determine the color that will form the basis of your terrace and balcony decorations ... This color will be determinant the colors of other objects that you will use in decoration. You can take the first step in preparation for summer by painting this color that you have specified balcony and terrace banisters and sills. The size of your balcony or terrace is also very important. You can use dark colors for large terraces; For French-style small balconies, light colors create a more spacious ambience.

Rationalist solutions for small spaces

After determining and applying the main color, it is turn to determine the furniture. We emphasized that you should choose your balcony and terrace furniture in parallel with the size of your room. Portable furniture for small balconies and terraces, wall mounted shelves, furniture and accessories that can be mounted to banisters can be a very reasonable choice. You can use tiny coffee tables, stools, wall pots, thus you can encolour your decoration. You can illustrate the area is bigger, and you can bring your home style to your balcony or terrace with a small rug. Dark green that you will use it on a white background, accessories in dark colors such as claret red will ensure that perception will be on objects rather than the space. Use the flowers to live the enthusiastic style of the summer. If you do not have enough space, you can use cactuses, succulents in small pots, or you can create a vertical garden to cover the wall. You can bring the nature to your balconies and terraces setting a hedera that can be green in summer and winter to the bottom of the banisters. You can grow the vegetables that you can use for your foods or at least for breakfasts or flowers that you like in the vertical garden that you will create wall-to-wall.

Tes Interiors | Fresco Braunstein House

Laxmi Interiors - Ulus Tepe Konakları House Project

Reveal the magnificence of big spaces

L-type chairs seats in large spaces, garden table chairs, large pillows and pouffs that you will use on the floor, green plants that are planted as big tree form in large pots and ornamental pools will provide you with a spacious and stylish space design. With large solar lanterns and lamps that take their energy from the sun, you can lighten your long summer nights with energy saving. You can create an outdoor where you can enjoy most of your summer months with large wicker seats, baskets, cruse vases, colorful cushions and lace pillows. If you have a large enough space, you can use wooden sun sunbeds, you can enjoy the summer sunbathing on your terrace or your balcony.

Escape From Sofa - Khalkedon House

When choosing all these furniture and accessories, be careful to be resistant to the outdoors, especially the sun and possible summer rains. Whether your balcony or terrace is small or large, you can create a nice space where you can read books and watch movies, and enjoy the pleasure of being in nature and outdoors.

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