6'l─▒ Siyah Kahve Tak─▒m─▒
6'l─▒ Siyah Kahve Tak─▒m─▒
6'l─▒ Siyah Kahve Tak─▒m─▒

Set of 6 Black Coffee Cups

83,76 USD

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Turkish coffee culture has specific rituals, wjhic include objects such as cezve, cups, spoons, and service trays. As a rule, cups are served on small saucers and held together with the saucer while drinking the coffee; and if the cofee fortune is being read, first the cup is covered with the saucer, then turned upside down, and the fortune,teller reads not only grounds inside the cup but those on the saucer as well. Th trays used during service are traditionally very important. Selamlique presents Turkish coffee accessories that include all the indispensable objects of the Turkish coffee culture with elegant patterns and refined workmanship.

Category : Coffee Sets

Style : Modern

Color : Black

Special Picks : Trend: Monochrome

Material : Porcelain

Estimated Production Time : 5 Business Day


According to legend, the story of coffee began when goats and camels were seen dancing under the moonlight after having eaten the fruit of a strange tree. By the 17th century, this enchanted beverage spread throughout Europe. Selamlique offers you Turkish coffee prepared and served using processes unchanged over centuries, with Arabica coffee beans grown in special plantations, which are then roasted by masters and blended with 100% natural aromas.In addition to its special rituals, Turkish coffee culture includes accessories such as a coffee pot, cups, and tray. The coffee cups are served on small saucers. If the drinkerÔÇÖs fortune is going to be told, the saucer is placed on top of the cup and then turned over. The coffee grinds remaining in the cup and those on the saucer must be read. The trays on which the cups served are also important traditionally. Accessories are an essential part of Turkish coffee culture and Selamlique IstanbulÔÇÖs accessories are distinguished by their elegant designs and fine workmanship.
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