Cosalindo is a platform that brings together professionals that has accomplished inspiring architectural projects and original product design; with users who are interested in decoration and user who want to enhance their living space, in order to create stylish venues, comfortable and appealing living spaces.

Through Cosalindo website and mobile applications;

  • Professionals in architecture and design can create their own pages in Cosalindo, display their projects, meet with potential customers and colleagues through an online and interactive platform, and easily reach out to other’s expertise, interest and needs.

  • Allows product designers and suppliers operating in the fields of architecture or decoration to reach out to Cosalindo professionals, and potential customers to promote their products and increase sales.

  • Provides anyone who are willing to create venues with style, or anyone willing to be inspired by inspiring architectural projects, and people who want to benefit from ideas and services to implement to their own projects a platform where you can also purchase the displayed products.

Cosalindo is a platform that brings together professionals that are willing to reach out to potential customers; customers that are wishing to find professionals in home decoration, office decoration, showroom decoration, hotel decoration, cafe & restaurant decoration, garden decoration and park landscape; and anyone interested in new ideas, information, trends and decoration.

In Cosalindo, you can explore stylish venue projects that are creative, comfortable, luxurious and engaging, offered by professionals in architecture and design; and get brand new ideas for your home or office decoration, or purchase stylish furnitures or decorational products with just one click; besides you can create inspiration notebooks consisting of products, rooms, styles or home shopping lists that you like, and share them with your friends.

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