Urban Jungle Pirinç Küçük Saksı
Urban Jungle Pirinç Küçük Saksı
Urban Jungle Pirinç Küçük Saksı
Urban Jungle Pirinç Küçük Saksı

Urban Jungle Brass Small Flowerpot

56,51 USD

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Spot clean only with a water–free dry cleaning solvent.

Category : Flowerpots

Style : Modern

Color : Gold

Material : Brass

Estimated Production Time : 10 Business Day

Height : 25.00 cm

Diameter : 12.00 cm

Bakır İstanbul

The copper, which is supposed to have entered man's life 10,000 years ago, has more meaning than anticipated. The Latin word for "cuprum" is "coming from the island of Cyprus". Copper, also known as red metal, is the oldest known metal and is the first metal to be processed and used by mankind. During the next 5000 years, mankind has used only copper as mine. Copper has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and according to the researches this feature of copper helps the digestive system to work better, accelerates the fat burning, accelerates the oxygen flow to the cells and enables faster stimulation of the brain cells. Therefore, it is recommended to use copper-based materials for food consumption. In some developed countries copper pipes are used even in clean water networks. The Southeastern Anatolian region is the only region in the world that dominates all the techniques used in copper processing and still uses all techniques. In this respect, especially the copper masters who grow up in this region, are the few people who can carry this tradition with future generations. Bakır Istanbul, founded by İdil Yavaş, blends this precious metal with modern lines and relocates our life. Copper cups, copper pots, copper lamps, copper cups and more in BakırIstanbul collections ...
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